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At Sine Die, we're proud to be Texans, but not enough to leave style at the door. Be the first to own a Sine Die tie from our inaugural collection.


About Us

Sine Die (sigh-knee die) is a homegrown clothing company celebrating what it is to be a Texan.  A common phrase around the Texas Capitol, "Sine Die" means that the job is done and its time to celebrate.  Our founder grew up running the halls of the Capitol and never missed a Sine Die.  Famed for its lack of formality and sense of accomplishment, Sine Die is like the last day of school.  So whether you're headed for the ranch, the courthouse, the Capitol or the bank - tie one on and join the party.

Sine Die is proud to support worthy causes across Texas. Please see our the Contact Us page for information on sponsorship and donations from our Company.
Organizations we have supported include:
Bastrop Education Foundation
Martin's Mill Project Graduation (Van Zandt County)
Carrollton/Farmers Branch Education Foundation
Press regarding the Company:
"Thumbs Up" from Men's Style Revival
"Tie one on, Texas Style" - ShopTalk, D Magazine.
"Site we love" - Grove Gals.